Who are we ?

Lauriane and Jérémy, respectively 26 and 27 years old at the departure time.

Since we first met in 2009, we have always talked about leaving for a foreign country, and about all the trips that we would like to do.

After high school graduation, we stopped our studies and then restarted them. For Lauriane, a 2-year degree in Management Assistant and a Bachelor’s degree in Project Management. For Jérémy, a Master’s degree in Network and System Engineering. Jérémy finished his Master degree at the end of September 2014. Lauriane was a temporary worker for more than one year. It seemed like it was “the right time” to follow our dream.

Why “Mookie Crew” ?


As Lauriane’s father would say “because sink”. Alright, let’s be serious.

The Mookie Crew was born after watching the french movie Mookie. We had already seen it when we were younger, but watching it together soon after we met each other (in 2009) created a big private joke between the two of us and a passion for funny monkeys.


Therefore, at this time, we self-proclaimed ourselves as the Mookie Crew and bought two mascots. We did not know yet, but these mascots would follow us during our trip around the world. Here they are for your greatest pleasure ladies and gentlemen :


Whis this itinerary ?

We will answer to this question country by country.

• Australia (tourism – 2 months – Novembr/December 2014) :

To improve our english. For the landscapes, the climate, the kangaroos, the koalas, the possums, the wombats, the Great Barrier Reef, the diving, the relaxed lifestyle. To take a picture at Christmas in our bathing suits in the water with a Santa Claus’ hat. Because Australia is the bigger island in the world but also the smallest continent. But certainly not because the deadliest spiders, most poisonous fishes and most venomous jellyfish are all found in Australia !

• New-Zealand (Working Holiday Visa – January to August 2015) :

To improve our english. For the diverse landscapes, for The Lord of the Rings movie locations (even if Lauriane had a big trauma following the study of this work in highschool – big up to the Palois and the 510!). For the kiwis, the animal of course, but mostly for the locals who are commonly referred to as kiwis and who are considered very welcoming. For the maori culture. To leave there for a while. To work.

• Bali (tourism – 2 weeks – Around April/May 2015)

Because we will be on the other side of the planet, so we will offer ourselves a vacation inside our vacation. And to ensure that companies which produce mosquito repellants win money.

• French Polynesia (tourism – 1 month – September 2015)

For the postcard. For the diving. For the relaxed lifestyle and the climate. For the flowers necklaces.

• Easter Island (tourism – 1 week – October 2015 1st week)

For the unusual destination (even if, of course, locals live mostly thanks to tourism). For the moaï. For the horseriding.

• Santiago de Chile (tourism – 1 week – October 2015 2nd week)

Because to go from Easter Island to Ushuaia, we need to pass by Santiago. So we will make a stop to discover a piece of our very good friend Sebastian’s country.

• Ushuaia (tourism – 1 week – October 2015 3rd week)

To follow the path of Nicolas Hulot (french private joke, irrelevant to not-french people). For the landscapes. For the idea of being at the end of the world.

• Buenos Aires (tourism – 1 week – October 2015 4th week)

Because to go back to France after Ushuaia, we have a stop in Buenos Aires. To see the Iguazu falls.

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