From May 15th to 17th, we were in Amed.

Amed is a small fishermen village. At least, that was what we expected. In reality, the ‘village’ is pretty expanded, therefore it is a bit complicated to walk around without hiring a scooter. But Lauriane and her parents were not really comfortable with that idea, so they enjoyed the hotel pool and the big terrace we had.

Lauriane and her parents got a one-hour balinese massage for 70 000 rupiahs (or 4,66€) – the less expensive we found (normally it is more between 100 000 and 150 000 rupiahs or between 6,66€ and 10€).

Jérémy dived 5 times with the hotel dive center, the Baliku Dive Resort.
The first day, he dived twice on the USAT Liberty shipwreck. The second day he dived once on the Kubu shipwreck (a shipwreck which was intentionnaly sunk in 2012, in which you can find a Jeep, and in a good condition), he dived once in a coral garden, and he did one night dive on the USAT Liberty shipwreck again. He really liked diving with them: two divers each time, a decent price (around 35€ for one dive, knowing that he had a 10% discount because we were staying in the hotel, except for the night dive which cost 65€ because it was his first night dive). Unfortunately, we are having trouble with our usb key on which we have our photos, so we cannot share them. We hope that once we get back in France, we will be able to get the photos back.

Fun fact: to pay the hotel by credit card, Jérémy had to go on a scooter with one of the hotel staff member at the top of the hill to get a GPRS signal…

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