Australia – Assessment

The time has come to assess our australian journey…

Australia in figures

It was:

  • 62 days in the country
  • 7 nights in a backpacker (6 in Cairns, 1 on Kangaroo Island),  1 night in a hotel (Adelaide), 2 nights in a motel (Torquay), 15 nights in Airbnb (3 in Melbourne, 12 in Sydney), 37 nights in campsites (with the van then with the car)
  • Around 3200 kilometres with our Mitsubishi Express van during 24 daysAround 3700 kilometres with our Toyota Corolla Ascent during 21 days
  • 1 domestic flight (Brisbane – Adelaide)
  • Hundreds of kangaroos/wallabies (lots of them dead on the road, some in the wild)
  • 2 dead wombats on the road
  • 1 opossum who visited us at Brisbane’s campsite
  • 1 koala at Vivonne Bay’s campsite
  • 1 bird killed on the road (right in the winshield!)
  • Hundreds of diverse birds (Lauriane’s favorite: the Kookaburra, a bird whose sounds like he is laughing out loud / Jérémy’s favorite: the yellow-crested cockatoo for his majesty)
  • Dozens of goanas and big lizards
  • Kilos of noodles

We liked:

  • Cape Tribulation and its desertic and heavenly beaches
  • Kangaroo Island
  • Melbourne and particularly Fitzroy district
  • Phillip Island
  • The kindness and helpfulness of australians
  • The « no worries » state of mind of australians

We did not like so much:

  • The food, not various and really american (moreover, it was hard to eat well when we could not keep fresh food, being constantly on the road)
  • Beetroot slices in burgers
  • Brisbane, a really ‘businessy’ city
  • Canberra, because it lacked interest

If we had to do it again:

  • We would probably rent a van during the whole journey or buy one, because the hiring was really expensive
  • We would hire a 4WD to visit Fraser Island by ourselves
  • We would not spend 3 days in Townsville (in our opinion it was a waste of time)

Australia – Budget

The budget initially forecasted was completely exceeded. We will explain why and give an idea of the budget for future travellers. Australia cost us 10500 € for 2 months of tourism.

The nights

We included the vehicles hiring in the ‘nights’ budget because we were sleeping in the van or the car. As mentioned above, the hire was really expensive, a lot more expensive than forecasted.

43 days with a van then a car: more than 2500 € !!!  (December is the peak season and we paid more for 20 days with a car than 23 days with a van in November…).

Airbnb were pretty expensive too: more than 1100 € !!! (3 nights in Melbourne and 12 in Sydney).

The other expenses were reasonable, as we slept in hostel, motel, even the hotel night in Adelaide was reasonable (75 €, hardly more expensive than a night in a hostel for two people) and nights in campsites (you are likely to pay a 200$ fine if you are caught doing free camping…).

The ‘nights’ and ‘hires” budget represents 48% of the overall budget with 5000 €.

The food

We ate a lot of noodles but we allowed ourselves a few nicer meals like a french restaurant in Brisbane or Christmas’ Eve and New Year’s Eve dinners. For breakfast, the 85 cents white bread packet is perfect with hazelnut spread which keeps well despite high temperatures! In Australia, it is difficult to find cheap snacks like at home. In France, a kebab fills well the stomach but you can also buy a ‘baguette’ and a ham packet for around 2/3 € and you are full. In Australia, the slightest snack cost 10/15$ (around 7/10€) and you are still hungry…

We ate for an average of 20 € per day, and we take into account the most expensive meals mentioned here above. The ‘food’ budget comes to 1250 €.

The transportation

Here, we took into account the expenses for petrol, plane, bus, train, tram, anyway the money spent to move (with the exception of vehicles hiring).

We spent 1400 € with an average of 22 € per day.

Diving / Snorkelling

We did a ‘snorkelling’ tour and Jérémy dived 5 times.

We spent 575 € for aquatic leisures.

The other expenses

This includes visits, tours, beers, gifts, postcards, insect repellent, in short everything else.

We spent 2150 € for those two months (an average of 34 € per day).

The Australian journey


And the Australian chapter comes to its end.

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