Beginning of our stay in Tahiti

After we left Bali on Wednesday, may 27th at 9:10 pm, we arrived in Papeete (Tahiti) on Wednesday, may 27th at 10:10 pm. Yes, we crossed the line where the date changes!

We got off the plane, at the airport singers and dancers were here to welcome us. We found Eline and Julian who welcomed us with the famous flower necklaces. We stayed at their place until we left Tahiti for Moorea on June 5th (thanks again to you too!), and they had a very nice view on Moorea.

Eline and Julian took us to a party at their friends house, where Lauriane could see an old childhood acquaintance, Damien, that she had not seen since more or less 15 years! It is a small world…

Retrouvailles avec Damien, Les Saules en force !
Retrouvailles avec Damien, Les Saules en force !

Eline took Lauriane to the market and to two artcrafts fairs, which allowed Lauriane to have an idea of the kind of jewellery you can find (yes, we are in Tahiti, if you have to buy some pearls it is now!), prices and how to choose a pearl.

The four of us went to a marquisian artcraft fair, where we saw artcraft but also a dance and songs show. It was very nice to watch, a lot of warrior songs, you would have thought that you were at war.

We met Annie who, despite the fact that we only know one person in common, nicely offered to lend us her apartment when we get back in Tahiti. Annie took us for a Tahiti island tour. We saw a lot of things: caves, water gardens, nice views… And now we know what there is left to see when we will be back! We ate at Loula and Remy, a very good restaurant that we recommend.

Jérémy was also able to see the market, the pearls shops, and so on. We took our tickets for the Heiva, a dance and singing contest which takes place every year. This day, Eline dropped us off in town on her way to work. To come back to their place, we took the ‘truck’ (a bus). What is funny (or not depending on your situation), is that there is no bus hours, so no way to know if the bus will come or not. Anyway, we did not wait too long so we were lucky.

Anyway, this stay allowed us to see Eline et Julian, to take the time to plan our stay and activities on the other islands and to rest. Thanks Eline, Julian and Annie for your precious help.

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