Bora Bora

From June 21st to 24th, we were in Bora Bora.

Initially, the island was named Vavau. It was discovered by the sailor Roggeveen in 1722, Cook arrived in 1769 and named it Bora Bora (Pora Pora actually), which means ‘first born’, it is related to the fact that the god Taaroa would have created it immediatly after Raiatea.

We wanted to treat ourselves and book a bungalow on stilts to fully enjoy the cliché, but when we saw the rates, we quickly changed our mind (the least expensive that we found was 500€ per night). Therefore, we chose a beach bungalow at village Temanuata, with a special deal: 3 nights for the price of 2 nights, which made the bungalow at 133€ per night and is not so expensive for Bora Bora.

In Bora Bora, we took the free Air Tahiti boat shuttle to join the main island. Then, we took a truck to go to our hotel. Once we arrived, we were a little bit disappointed: the bungalow had a view on the beach but the charm we were expecting was not there. Moreover, as we were pretty far from the ‘town’, we did not really move as the hotel was charging 10$ per person for a one way ride to the city…

Therefore, we rested a lot. Jérémy went on a half-day tour to see some rays and sharks, the tour was nice but expensive: 9500 XPF (around 80€).

We did not expect much from Bora Bora because it is the most touristic island and the most visited by american and asian tourists, but our stay was not really nice. That being said, we came across some people who were in our pension in Maupiti and who had a much more pleasant stay because their pension was not charging them for kayaks, bikes or rides to the city for exemple. Unfortunately, we made a mistake when we chose our accommodation!

We only regret that we did not went on the 4WD tour to go around the island and see the remains of World War II, we think it was worth it if we trust what some people were saying.

To recap, Bora Bora has an amazing lagoon but the mass tourism makes the island charm nonexistent, and you do not find the polynesian kindness and hospitality that we enjoyed so much on other islands.

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