Cairns – Botanic gardens

Wednesday 5th, we went to Cairns botanic gardens. With motivation, we went by foot. Departure at 8 am, a 4,5 km walk, the heat was not yet at its maximum… We managed, but struggled a little (and sweat!).

These are gardens full of tropical trees, flowers or animals. Sometimes, you would believe that you are in the jungle. One detail: the entrance is free.

We visited during 3 hours or so. We were really amazed: giant trees, unknown flowers, birds with really particular cry…

When we left, we chose to take the bus because around noon – 1 pm, it starts to get really hot…

A picture’s worth a thousand words, here are a few:


Trichoglossus haematodus
Trichoglossus haematodus (Lorriquet à tête bleue ou lorriquet arc-en-ciel / Rainbow lorikeet)
Alectura lathami
Alectura lathami (Talégalle de Latham / Australian brush-turkey)
Papilio ulysses
Papilio ulysses : Papillon Ulysses / Ulysses butterfly






IMG_3814-1 IMG_3824-1 IMG_3820-1
IMG_0735-1 IMG_0724-1
 IMG_3861-1  IMG_3826-1


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