Cairns – New Australian life

After an 11 hours and a half flight from Paris to Hong Kong, 12 hours of stop in Hong Kong and a 7 hours flight from Hong Kong to Cairns, we finally arrived in Cairns airport at 4 am local time.

The backpacker does not open before 7:30 am, so we waited until 7 am at the airport to take a taxi.


As a result, we arrived at the backpacker at 7:10 am, a little early. We waited for the opening, and we were informed that we should wait a little to check-in (at this time of day, nothing unusual). So we waited a little before leaving our stuff in our room.

We are staying at the Dreamtime Travellers Rest and it is pretty nice.

First mandatory thing: take a shower!

Then, put on our bathing suits and go swimming. We went on Cairns esplanade, at the Lagoon. It is a kind of swimming-pool next to the sea, it is free and at 10 am there were already a lot of people, but it was bearable.

The sun was really hard on us: UV5, meaning a situation in which you should not stay more than 20 minutes in the sun. We stayed a little longer but of course wearing sun cream 50!



Then, we went to the mall (Cairns Central Shopping Centre) which is between our backpacker and the sea. We found a double battery charger for our GoPro, a new bathing suit for Jeremy (his was old and with holes), and flip-flops (mandatory with this hotness).

Then, we went back to our backpacker with our Subway food (big up JC), we ate, Lauriane took a little nap while Jérémy was working on the blog.

We published the article on Hong Kong, we took an aperitif (Heineken, because « they do not have Ricard », according to Jérémy) and watched a movie played by the backpacker: Charlie and the Chocolate factory.


So, the next morning, we woke up early (4am for Lauriane and 6.30am for Jeremy who was able to fall asleep again)

For this day, a lot of activities :

  • Buy a prepaid card for our mobile phones
  • Rent a campervan for the next three weeks (from Saturday 8)
  • Do some shopping (a tiny camembert at $5, like a quarter of a french camembert ; we don’t want to have a too big cultural shock , as you can’t find real bread like french bread or french mayonnaise)
  • And… well, drink a couple of australian beers in a pub because we were really tired after all these activities…


On Monday, pizza night at the backpacker. We went to bed later (8.30pm) to avoid waking up in the middle of the night without being able to go back to sleep! Well, it was not a success!!! This morning, we woke up at 4am…

Next, we will try to visit Cairns without spending too much money because Saturday we will leave Cairns for our first road trip : Cairns – Brisbane (we will make a stop in the north of Cairns before driving down to Brisbane).

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