Cairns – Tropical zoo

On Thursday November 6th, we went to Cairns Tropical Zoo, which is located about one hour by bus from Cairns’ city center. The entrance cost us 34$ each (23,50€).

We saw a lot of local animals and, despite the heat (first sunburn for Lauriane!), we had a very pleasant day.

We attended a bird flight show, saw kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats, reptiles, crocodiles… and most of all, we were able to take pictures with a koala and Jérémy also took one with a boa constrictor (for the ‘modest’ amount of 56$, with digital photos sent by e-mail).

Here are below some photos of our day…


IMG_0794-1 IMG_0802-1 IMG_0751-1 IMG_0748-1 IMG_8879-1 IMG_8848-1 IMG_8742-1 IMG_8723-1IMG_0779-1 IMG_8719-1IMG_8697-1 IMG_8711-1 

IMG_8706-1 IMG_0758-1IMG_8801-1IMG_8887-1IMG_0825-1 IMG_0919-1 IMG_8790-1 IMG_8780-1 IMG_8778-1IMG_0947-1 IMG_0951-1IMG_8770-1IMG_0814-1 IMG_0910-1 IMG_3967-1 IMG_3965-1 IMG_0882-1 IMG_0828-1 IMG_8819-1 IMG_0834-1 X-XXXX_2014-11-06_69945 X-XXXX_2014-11-06_69946 X-XXXX_2014-11-06_69968 IMG_0859-1


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