Cape Tribulation – Snokelling

On Monday, November 10th,  we went on a sea tour with Ocean Safari to snorkel on the Great Barrer Reef.

Lauriane had a panic attack while getting into the water, so Jérémy was alone to explore this submarine world.

Flora and Fauna wildlife which live into these waters are really different from the ones you can see into the Mediterranean sea.

Here is a selection of a few pictures of what you can find at less than 10 meters depth.

Taeniura lymma : Raie pastenague à points bleus ou pastenague queue à ruban
Tridacna gigas : Tridacne géant ou bénitier géant
Chelonia mydas : Tortue verte
Chelonia mydas : Tortue verte
Chelonia mydas : Tortue verte
Linckia laevigata : Étoile de mer bleue

IMG_0073-blog IMG_0103-blog

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