Cycling tour in Bali

On May 11th, we went on a cycling tour, departing from Mount Batur.

We did it with Hai Bali Cycling Tour, recommended by Audrey et Mathieu from the Tropical Bali Hotel. They organized our tour with a minibus which came to pick us up in the morning at hour hotel in Ubus and dropped us off a tour hotel at the end of the afternoon. We paid 35000 rupiahs per person (or 24€ per person).

Our minibus arrived half an hour late. There were one korean girl, one australian and his three children. Our first stop was in a tea and coffee plantation. It was less nice than the one we visited after the Tanah Lot temple, but as we already tasted the different teas and coffees, we only asked for lemongrass tea.

After that, we went to Mount Batur for a breakfast with a view on it. It was cold, we were in the middle of the wind and a jacket would have been nice! We could choose between a banana pancake and an omelette.

Then, this strange moment when we tried the balinese bikes. We can say that there were not in good condition, the gears were here to make the bike beautiful (or not), and the brakes needed a little oil.
We started our 34 km ride (only slopes!), crossing balinese villages. The guides stopped in a village known for its giant spider webs. Lauriane’s dad was really brave (but only after asking if they were dangerous), took a spider in his hand and put it on his chest. The australians were terrified (yes, in Australia, you do not play with spiders, there are too any venomous or deadly spiders). We continued our journey crossing villages, made a quick stop during which the guides gave us banans, and then arrived in the middle of rice fields, where it was much more complicated to ride our bikes but nothing impossible.

After those 34 km, we ate a typical balinese lunch with our cycling buddies. It was nice. Then we took the minibus again, much quicker because we did 34 km by bike!

This day was pretty nice, besides the sunburns and our asses which hurt!

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