End of stay in Sanur

From May 22nd to 27th, we were back in Sanur.

We planned to spend a few days on Nusa Lembongan island from May 21st to 26th, but once we arrived, not only the hotel was not worth the price we paid at all, but we also realized that without a scooter, it was impossible to move as we would have liked to, and also that beaches were nothing like Gili Air beaches…

Therefore, we decided to go back to Sanur starting May 22nd. Audrey and Mathieu from the Tropical Bali Hotel helped us to modify our boat ticket and organized the pick-up a tour hotel (included in the boat ticket price). On 22nd, in the morning, when we wanted to pay, it was complicated: there was a power cut on all the island, so internet and the credit card machine did not work. The employee wanted us to ‘cancel’ our reservation on booking.com, because we booked through this website. It took her one hour to realize that it would probably help if she put the hotel generator on. Once we were on the website, it was impossible to do anything regarding our reservation, which we explained to her. With her bad english, she was having trouble understanding us. Our pick-up was late, there was no car, we pressured her a bit and ended paying just one night upon the four we had booked. Our pick-up never came, and the hotel employee helped us to go to port in a glass bottom boat, for 100 000 rupiahs (6,66€). It was laborious because the guy was having trouble starting his boat, but we managed to get there (it also allowed us to see that this kind of boat is a total scam, you do not see anything). Anyway, we managed to get on the boat that took us to Sanur.

Our last days consisted mostly in relaxing. We dedicated one afternoon to our souvenirs purchase.
The day before our last day, we took a driver for a half day. He stopped at a post office at our request, and then we went to Denpasar market. Once we arrived, Lauriane did not have the wallet and asked Jérémy for it to put it in her bag because it would be safer than in Jérémy’s shorts. Jérémy told her that she ha dit but shed id not. So obviously, we freaked out… We went to see our driver, who took us back to the post office. Jérémy must be blessed, because the wallet was still here, carefully put in a drawer by the post office employee, and nothing was missing. Jérémy wanted to give a tip of 50 000 rupiahs (3,33€, which is nice for Bali) to this honnest employee, who categorically declined it and put the money back in the wallet. After this event that ended well, we went back to Denpasar market, which was pretty big and where you can find everything. We did not buy a lot of stuff but the walk was nice.

Then, we went back to Jimbaran fish market, that we really liked at the beginning of our stay. We took the same thing, one red snapper of approximately one kilo for 70 000 rupiahs (4,66€) and one kilo of prawns for 120 000 rupiahs (8€ – less expensive than last time!). We had them cooked for 20 000 rupiahs for one kilo (1,33€). This time, we were well prepared and had our forks and napkins. It was delicious and we were glad we went back!

Between times, Jérémy went diving for one day with 3 dives on Nusa Lembongan (Mangrove) and Nusa Penida (Manta Point and Crystal Bay), but nothing amazing besides the manta raies and a nice drift on a coral garden at Mangrove.

The last day (May 27th), as Lauriane’s parents had their flight at 7 pm and our flight was at 9 pm, we stayed at the hotel a bit late to avoid a long waiting time at the airport.

We had drinks with Audrey and Mathieu and laughed a lot. We probably celebrated too much and at the airport, we were a bit drunk! A big thanks to Audrey et Mathieu for their warm welcoming and their kindness!

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