End of year in Sydney

After we dropped off our hire car, we went to Sydney from December 22nd to January 3rd at our Airbnb host house. We were in Rozelle.

Let’s be honest, the first two days (22nd-23rd), we did not go out. The weather forecast announced big thunderstorms (that did not occur in the end), so Jérémy did some updates on our blog (just technical matters, so we will skip the details).

On Wednesday, December 24th, we went out to go to Martin Place (you know, where there was a hostage taking at Lindt Café on December 15th). The purpose was mostly to see ‘THE’ Sydney Christmas tree, which we did. That being said, 9 days after there were still something left of the hostage taking: the Lindt Café was protected by wooden boards, a memorial tent was there for the two hostages killed with pictures and flowers… Anyway, it was weird to be here! We walked around, but did nothing special besides buying our Christmas hats .

On Christmas’ Eve, it was just the two of us. We had a great meal: smoked salmon, hake with parmesan risotto, cookies, with a nice white wine.

On the 25th, we did not go out but on the 26th, we visited the National Maritime Museum (27$ for the ‘Big Ticket’, which also gave us access to Captain Cook’s vessel raplica – the Endeavour, to a warship and a submarine). The Museum itself was not so interesting in our opinion, but the vessels visits were really interesting because it felt like time had stopped on these vessels.

On the 27th, we chose a 63$ offer which gave us access to the Sydney SeaLife Aquarium, the Wildlife Sydney Zoo, the Madame Tussauds, the Sydney Tower Eye and the Manly Sealife Sanctuary.
We met with Elodie and Amine (their blog: Balade autour du monde) and went to the Aquarium, the Zoo and Madame Tussauds. The whole thing was not really extraordinary: a super-crowded aquarium, a zoo where you can only see the animals behind windows, a pretty small Madame Tussauds… BUT, for the price, it was worth doing it.

In the next few days, we also went to the Sydney Tower Eye and to Manly’s Aquarium. The Sydney Tower Eye was nice because we had a 360° view on Sydney.
Manly’s Aquarium is not really worth it. There are little penguins, but after seeing them on Phillip Island in their natural habitat, there was not a real interest for us too see them here.

Obviously, we went to see the Opera and the Harbour Bridge, deux symbols of the city. We went on a Harbour Bridge pylon to see the Opera from a nice view (13$). For the modest amount of around 200$, you can climb on the bridge in a 10 people group (we did not go!).

On the 30th, we had a ‘crepes’ night with Elodie et Amine: de-li-cious!

For New Year’s Eve, we stayed at tour Airbnb’s home, who was on holiday, as well as her roommate. Elodie and Amine were here, and also like 15 other people (the roommate family and their friends). Jeremy cooked us a great dinner.
We had a great view on the fireworks, but unfortunately pictures do not look so nice, especially as there was a lot of smoke…

Our last few days in Sydney, we relaxed (we watched some TV shows) and prepared for our journey to New-Zealand. We booked an Airbnb (again !) for a week after our arrival in Auckland, because after that we want to move, but it will depend on how quick we can find a vehicule.

Fun fact: at Sydney’s airport when we were about to take our flight to Auckland, we ran into the first people we spoke to in Australia, 2 months after: a German couple that we met in Cairns in our backpacker (their blog).

The australian adventure has come to its end, hello New-Zealand !

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