From June 30th to July 3rd, we were in Fakarava.

Fakarava is an atoll of the Tuamotu archipelago. Fakarava is part of the seven atolls which are classified by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve and is known worldwide for diving, the island’s most important source of income.

The stay was mostly diving for Jérémy and chilling for Lauriane.

We met again Amandine and Nicolas who we met in Rangiroa, and met Virginie and Xavier. We had a dream team there all six of us and lived a moment than you cannot forget: a discovery workshop around the hermit crab ; yes we spent at least one hour observing one crab which was very friendly.

Lauriane visited another pearl farm with Virginie and Xavier.

Jérémy dived on the two passes of the atoll:

– Garuae’s channel (Northern channel) is the biggest channel in French Polynesia: its width is 1.6 km. The Northern channel was a much more colored reef dive than the ones in Rangiroa with a lot of big creatures (Manta Ray, sharks, humphead wrasses) and a pretty amazing drift.

– Tetamanu’s channel (Southern channel) is mostly known for its wall of grey sharks and the reproduction of groupers once a year (the day after July’s harvest moon) and incredible strock of luck, we were in Faka for the D-day (July 2nd). But in the end, the fishes decided otherwise and breeded the night before… Too bad for the groupers, there are still hundreds of sharks!

For your information, Laurent Ballesta (french marine biologist) realised a documentary ‘Le mystère mérou’ (‘The grouper mystery’) broadcasted on Arte on July 11, 2015 at 8:50 pm (available in replay on Arte+7).

To finish, we attended a dance rehearsal and a javelin throw training for the Heiva.

Next step: the Marquesas Islands.

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