Far North trip

From January 30th to February 2nd, we visited the Far North.

We went to Merita Bay, where Jérémy could do some snorkelling. He did not see anything amazing but a lot of shells.

We went to Rawene, a small village which, let’s be honest, did not make us dream.

Then, direction Shipwreck Bay, where we expected a lot of shipwrecks… Well we were disappointed, judge for yourself…

Shipwreck Bay
Shipwreck Bay

Finally, we went to Ngawha where there are ‘hot springs’: they have the reputation to be therapeutic when you bathe in it. We went to a campsite that has its own ‘hot springs’, for 5$ per person. The ‘hot springs’ come from the ground, they are heated by geothermal energy. Their temperature vary daily. The water looks like mud, it smells sulphur very bad and the smell stays on your body and swimsuit after that! But it was fun to do, with basins at different temperatures.

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