Gili Air

From May 18th to 21st, we were in Gili Air, an island closer to Lombok than Bali.

On May 18th, we took a fast boat to go on Gili Air, one of the three Gili islands (the two others being Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno).
Gili Trawangan is more for young people who want to party and Gili Meno is really tiny and almost uninhabited. Therefore, we chose Gili Air for its peaceful reputation, reggae music all day long, beaches and snorkelling.
You have to know that on the three islands, motorized vehicles are forbidden. To move, you can do it by walking, hiring a bike or taking a caleche.

When we arrived, we went to our hotel by foot, the Beach Club. This hotel was really nice, we loved our stay. The beach was less than 50 ùeters from the bungalows (it is pretty much the case all around the island, but every hotel does not have the beautiful beach we had).

Once settled, Jérémy went for a tour to find nice snorkelling spots, Lauriane and her parents went all around the island by foot. We read that it took 1h30 by walking like a turtle, but for us it was more like 2 hours, we took the time to stop to look around us and take pictures. All around the island there are warungs, you have all the choice you want to eat!

The next days, we just relaxed: beach, meal, beach, snorkelling, beach…

On the beach, a lot of sellers walk around all day long to sell sarongs, jewellery, hammocks or pineapples.
Lauriane and her mom spent too much for 3 bracelets at 50 000 rupiahs (3,33€) for one bracelet instead of 70 000 rupiahs (4,66€) for one bracelet. 2-3 hours later, a seller walked around announcing ‘afternoon price’: 10 000 rupiahs (0,66€) for one bracelet ; so we took around 10 bracelets and still got a discount. We also bought sarongs, announced price 150 000 rupiahs (10€) for one sarong ; we already bought sarongs in a supermarket for around 4€. After a long negotiation, we got two sarongs for 100 000 rupiahs (6,66€). This is just to say that if you really like something, it is better to wait for the end of the afternoon and do not hesitate to negotiate.

This stay was really important because Lauriane and her father went over their fear and tried to snorkel. After a few explanations from Jérémy, we went snorkelling all three of us. It was really nice, despite the garbage in the water. We even had the chance to see a turtle, that Lauriane could have touched if she wanted to.

Gili islands are receiving more and more tourists, but it did not bother us because the general atmosphere is really nice.
Gili Air is a true paradise, where it is nice just to relax. For example, some warungs clearly indicate that thei have ‘magic mushrooms’ and Jérémy was offered several times to buy marijuana.
Of course, in Indonesia, you do not play with drugs, it is a country where you can have a death sentence for this, and indonesians can even get convicted to death sentence in Indonesia if they are caught doing drugs in another country! Speaking about that, the famous Mickael Blanc was very well known as a drug dealer, so he was not really innocent… Even if, we can all agree to that, death sentence for doing or selling drugs is totally disproportionate (especially when you know that the person responsible for the terrorist attack in Bali in 2002 killing a lot of people was released after about 10 years in jail).

Fun fact: Lauriane saw a komodo (more like a ‘cousin’ but still impressive) being chased away by the hotel owner’s cat!

Anyway, go to Gili Air, you will not be disappointed!

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