HelpX in Kamo

From January 19th to 26th, we were in Kamo (west from Whangarei) at Liz’s for a HelpX.

Liz lives with her partner Lewis, who is an airline pilot and consequently often abroad.
When we arrived, Lewis was on a trip.

They live in a recent house that they had built, have a very friendly young dog (2 years old) named Bishop and an adorable cat named Janice.

The view from the house is beautiful.

There is a park with lions and tigers a few kilometers from the house, and we could here them roar, which was pretty surprising at the beginning of our stay.

We did the following jobs while staying at Liz’s:

  • Waterblasting on the outside of the house
  • Inside/outside windows cleaning
  • Cleaning inside the house
  • Lawnmowing
  • Weeding (by hand and with a brush cutter)

We did not visit anything besides one day spent in Tutukaka with Cécile and Julien.

In the end, a pretty quiet week during which we worked a lot and rested.

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