Indonesia – Assessment

The time has come to assess our indonesian journey…

Indonesia in figures

For us, it was:

  • 21 days spent in the country
  • 3 islands : Bali (17 nights), Gili Air (3 nights) and Lembongan (1 night)
  • 7 different hotels and homestays
  • 4 boat rides
  • Around 560 kilometers including all kind of transportation
  • 10 dives for Jérémy

We liked:

  • See Lauriane’s parents
  • The diversity of aquatic fauna
  • See monkeys, and not only in Ubud’s Monkey forest
  • Jimbaran fish market
  • The kindness of indonesian people
  • Meeting Audrey and Mathieu from the Tropical Bali Hotel in Sanur, go there, they are awesome!

We did not like so much:

  • The pollution: garbage everywhere, including at the seaside on a heavenly island
  • The constant noise, between noisy scooters and roosters singing all night long
  • The ‘approximate’ side of indonesians
  • Lose half of our New Zealand pictures and all Indonesian pictures because we did not back-up them systematically and the usb key died

If we had to do it again:

  • We would not go to Lembongan
  • We would spend more time on Gili Air

Indonesia – Budget

Indonesia cost us 5 000 € for 4 people for 3 weeks of travel (flight tickets excluded).

The nights

The daily budget is 47€ per day for two people (with breakfast included).

As we were with Lauriane’s parents, we went to hotels / homestays that cost more than what we would have chosen if we would have been just the two of us.

This budget represents 41% of the overall indonesian expenses, meaning 2 000 € for 4.

The food

Well, you could say that we really ate like kings, indonesian food but also european food.

We ate for an average of 16€ per day for two people, and we take into account the most expensive meals we had.

That being said, if you only eat basic indonesian cuisine (nasi goreng, mie goreng) in small warungs or in the street, you can easily eat for 1,50-2€ per meal per person.

The ‘food’ budget comes to 700 € for 4 and represents 13% of the overall budget.

The transportation

Here, we took into account the expenses for drivers, taxis and boats.
We spent 640 € or 13% of our overall budget.

The leisures

Leisures represent 12 % of the overall budget, meaning 580 € for 4.

– Diving / Snorkelling

Jérémy dived 10 times: 2 dives in Pemuteran (Menjangan island), 5 dives in Amed (2 on the USAT Liberty, 2 on Kubu shipwreck, and 1 on the USAT Liberty by night), and 3 dives on Nusa islands (Crystal Bay and Manta Point on Nusa Penida, and Mangrove on Nusa Lembongan). We spent 400 € for these 10 dives.

– The tours / visits

We only did one tour: the Cycling Tour ; which cost us 95€ for 4. Otherwise, expenses were for temples visits and the balinese dance show, and we spent 85€.

The other expenses

This includes visits, tours, beers, gifts, in short everything else.
We spent 1 000 € meaning 21% of the budget for 3 weeks (an average of 50 € per day).

The indonesian journey

And the indonesian chapter comes to its end.

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