Last moments in Auckland

Because we sold our car more quickly than expected, we spent about one month in Auckland in hostels before going to Bali.

We first stayed one week at the Queenstreet Backpackers: it was a bit of a factory, the bed was not comfortable at all and it was very noisy.
So we decided to spend our last 3 weeks at the K Road City Travellers. Human scale hostel and a lot more quiet, free breakfast: we were feeling much better, as if we were in a big shared house. Therefore, we met nice people and the time flied a bit quicker.

During these last moments in New Zealand, we mostly prepared the itinerary for Bali, prepared the itinerary for French Polynesia, took our multi-island passes and booked the guest houses, and updated the blog with new posts.

We also went to Auckland Zoo (28$ per adult). The zoo is pretty big, you could easily spend one entire day there if you really take your time. There are New Zealand native species, but also other species from all over the world such as giraffes, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, monkeys…
It is also where we saw the only two kiwis during our stay. The kiwis are nocturnal, it was complicated to see them even at the zoo, so unfortunately we have no picture!
Anyway, you all know what is a zoo, so here are some pictures.

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