From June 16th to 21st, we were in Maupiti.

Maupiti is a tiny island, the tour is only 10 km. It is called ‘Bora Bora’s little sister’ or ‘Bora from the 60’s’. It kept its genuineness and there is no hotel on the island, far from mass tourism. You can only go there by plane (the Maupiti Express boat does not go to Maupiti anymore because of the ‘V channel’ which is judged as too dangerous). There are around 1200 inhabitants. There is no ATM on the island and no card machine, everything has to be paid by cash.

On the day of our arrival, Tehei from Teheimana homestay forgot to write down our reservation. Thanks to Gaïdig who agreed to sleep on the living room bed, we were able to stay anyway.
In the evening, Tehei took us to her dance rehearsal, it was really nice.

The next day, we went on a day trip by boat with Sammy, Cliff’s brother (Tehei’s husband) for 6000 XPF per person (around 50€).

First, we went snorkelling with the Manta rays. The girls pretty much all stayed on the boat while the boys where exploring the seabed.

Then, we went to the coral garden.

After, we had lunch on a motu. Sammy prepared all the food: raw fish, bbq grilled fish, coco bread… We learnt how to braid plates. The meal was delicious and we made our ‘caress space’ bigger as Sammy would say. The leftovers were given to the stingrays, which did not hesitate to get closer to us. The scene was funny because there was a dog also interested in the food, the stingrays were pretty much on him.

Finally, we made the tour of the island before Sammy dropped us off at the homestay. We can only recommend this tour with Sammy Maupiti Tours!

The next day, peaceful day at the beach after we had lunch at the snack Chez Mimi (huge sandwiches between 2,50€ and 4,20€).

On the 19th, we went on the top of the island. Well, Jérémy did, because Lauriane stopped near the end. It is pretty hard to get at the top. If you do it, take some good shoes with you. For good walkers, it takes around 1h, otherwise a little bit more.

The day before we left, we rested because the weather was bad.

At the homestay, there were adorable dogs: Kayla, the homestay dog with her three puppies, and Rex, the neighbour’s dog which was always with us and loves kite-surfing.
During the month of July, Tehei et Cliff will run the only nightclub on Maupiti, but sadly it only opens on Thursday, June 25th for the Heiva.
We had an awesome stay at Tehei’s and Cliff’s. They cooked us delicious dinners. They made us laugh so bad, telling us some stories that we will remember for a long time.

Anyway, an awesome homestay, considerate and funny hosts, an amazing scenery : a true case of love at first sight.

Tehei et Cliff
Tehei et Cliff

On June 21st, departure for Bora Bora.

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