The Mookie Car

When we arrived in New Zealand, we spent a week in Auckland in order to find a vehicle.

We did not visit anything because between the car search and the HelpX search, we spent our time looking at adds on the Internet and waiting for replies. That being said, from what we can tell, there is nothing much to visit in Auckland… We will go there again anyway when we will leave New Zealand, so we will have time.

We found a vehicle: a Toyota Estima, year 1997, 247 000 km, for 4000$.

Once the vehicle was purchased from the seller (a french guy found on a Facebook group about car sales in New Zealand), we had to change the owner name.

In New Zealand, it is very simple: go to the Post Office. You fill-in a very simple form with the car details, you show your driving license, international driving licence and passport, 9$ and a few minutes later it is done. Small detail: you need an address, we borrowed Cecile’s and Julien’s address.

We can sleep in the car, or spend time in it on rainy days: one backseat of 3 seats is still there, which is pretty convenient.

When we purchased the car, it did not have a spare wheel. We found one in Pukekohe for 50 dollars. We found the last equipment we needed for the car : a duvet (25$), good pillows (50$ for two, we made a mistake and did not take the one we wanted that were cheaper), a new radio car §95$ – the former one was the original one with audio tape and it did not work so well) and 3 additional storage boxes (around 50$).

The slide door did not slide so well, Jérémy put some oil on it and now it is perfect (he also took care of the other doors of course).

We have two opening windows on the car ceiling, the screen of one of them did not close properly. After a while, Jérémy managed to fix it.

We also noticed a coolant leak. Not cool at all! After some research on the web, Jeremy found a product to seal leaks: sodium silicate (this product was used to seal leaks after the Fukushima nuclear accident).
You can buy this product at the chemist shop and manage with quantity to install into the coolant system or buy a ready-to-use bottle quite more expensive. We chose to buy the ready-to-use bottle…

Anyway, the Mookie Car is not young (it is damaged on the outside, high kilometers…) but it is not so bad compared to what you can sometimes found for that price. But let’s hope that it will take us wherever we want for the next 8 months!

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