On June 5th, Eline dropped us off at the airport on her way to work so we could catch our flight to Moorea (name meaning: yellow lizard).

Everything went well: no queue for the check-in, fast boarding, plane not full… And probably the shortest flight of our lives! They tell you 15 minutes but truth be told, between the take-off and the landing there are more like 7-8 minutes of flight. Therefore, you bearly heard the security announcement that they already tell you to fasten your seatbelt and be ready for landing, which provoked a general laugh in the plane.

Once we arrived, we got our luggage and got transfered by car to our accomodation, the ‘camping Nelson’, located at the North of the West coast of the island. Our stay began well, we had a great vue and a piece of beach more than enough!

We took our masks, snorkels and water footwear (yes, we kind of have the stonefish psychosis) and we go to see what goes on under water. Unfortunately, nothing interesting. While walking near the water, we saw 5 stingrays, which were probably fed on a regular basis as they got close to us without any problem.

The next day, we rented a scooter to go around the island. The rental cost us 5500 XPF (or 46€), far from Bali prices! We left from the North-West side of the island, and visited the island clockwise.

We went to the Belvédère, which offers a nice view on Opunohu Bay and Cook’s Bay, with Mount Rotui in the middle. You can even see locks as it was the case on the ‘Pont des Arts’ in Paris.

We stopped at Opunohu archeological sites, but as we did not really know how things took place at the time, we were a bit frustrated.

We continued our tour, stopping wherever we wanted, and stopped to have lunch in a ‘roulotte’.
Then, as we finished the island tour (62 km) we decided to go take our masks and tubas and explore next to the Tipaniers, where apparently the place is better for snorkelling. Well, not really… We saw a Tridachna, some fishes here and there but that’s it.

On June 7th, we did not move. As we had a stable internet connection, Lauriane updated the blog, Jérémy went in the sea. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it was nice to have time.

On June 8th, we left for Huahine!

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