To change a little from the traditional travel post, we are going to talk about a totally different subject: Movember.

First of all, Movember what is that ?

Movember is composed of ‘November’ and ‘Mo’ which is the abbreviation for ‘moustache’
Mo + November = Movember !

This event occurs every year since 2003. It was first launched by a group of australian people who challenged themselves to let their moustache grow during November to raise money for caritative fundations.

The idea is to let your moustache grow during November to inform people and raise money for research regarding male diseases such as prostate cancer.

Since 2010, Moscars have been launched. You just have to send a short video to explain your involvement for this cause and a jury awards some prices in different categories.

Moustaaaaaaache !
Moustaaaaaaache !

For Jérémy, it’s done! We already are in the second part of November so he just shaved his beard in order to only have a moustache.

Movember :)
Movember 🙂

If some of you want to take part in this funny adventure, you can either grow your moustache or make a donation. For more information about this initiative, it’s here: Movember!

You share Movember !
You share Movember !

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