Nelson – Jens Hansen jewellery

On February 25th, we went to Nelson.

Nelson is a nice town and is pretty animated. But we were here for a completely different reason: the Jens Hansen jewellery.

Jens Hansen jewellery
Jens Hansen jewellery

What is so special about it, you may ask?
Well this jewellery is the one that made the rings for the movie The Lord of the Rings. 40 different versions of ‘The One Ring’ were used in the movie.
For example, the jeweller showed us a giant version of the ring, which is really heavy. It would cost around 10000$ if you wanted to buy it… This version of the ring was used in scenes in which the ring is in the snow for example.

As a huge fan of the movie, Jérémy was unable to resist and bought his own licensed replica of the ring, for 249$. Not cheap, yes, but it is a beautiful souvenir!

Jérémy and his precious

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