New Zealand – Kiwi assessment

The time has come to assess our kiwi journey…

New Zealand in figures

For us, it was:

We liked:

We did not like so much:

  • The Tongariro Alpine Crossing, but only because of the weather we had the day we did it
  • The whale watch, way too expensive for what you see
  • The towns which, in general, are not interesting
  • The car break down
  • Not seeing any wild kiwis
  • The high prices everywhere and for everything

If we had to do it again:

New Zealand – Budget

The budget initially forecasted was exceeded. We will explain why and give an idea of the budget for future travellers. New Zealand cost us 12 000 € for 4 months.

During these 4 months:

  • the first week in Auckland in AirBnB to find our vehicle
  • 1 month in HelpX
  • 2 months on the road
  • the last month (april) in a hostel to wait for our flight to Bali

The nights

The ‘nights’ budget includes the accomodation (AirBnB, hostels, campsites), the showers (free campsites do not have showers), the laundry, anyway, it is the accomodation budget.

The daily budget is 21€ per day for two people!

Well, if you are not stuck for one month or in an expensive campsite while your car is getting repaired, the daily budget is 11€/day.

We did not pay too many nights, went to a lot of free campsites, or nights on friends’ car park and HelpX, which allowed us to reduce significantly the ‘sleeping’ budget.

This budget still represents 22% of the overall NZ expenses, meaning 2 600€.


The food

We ate very few noodles compared to Australia, because we could not eat it anymore: just physically, it was impossible.

For breakfast, the 1$ white bread packet is still perfect with hazelnut spread which keeps well.

We offered ourselves two restaurants in Auckland.

In New Zealand as in Australia, it is difficult to find cheap snacks like at home. In France, a kebab fills well the stomach but you can also buy a ‘baguette’ and a ham packet for around 2/3 € and you are full. In New Zealand, very often, the slightest snack cost 10/15$ (around 7/10€) and you are still hungry…

We ate for an average of 16€ per day, and we take into account the most expensive meals mentioned here above. If we do not include the month of April, the budget goes down to 13€ per day. The ‘food’ budget comes to 2 000€ and represents 17% of the overall budget.

The transportation

Here, we took into account the expenses for petrol, ferry, bus and car park.

The petrol is way more expensive than in Australia and the more you get into less populated areas, the more it is expensive!

Regarding the ferry, we could not spend less: less than 5-meter long vehicle and less than 1,8 meter high. It cost us 500 $ for the two ferry rides, knowing that when you go from South to North, it is less expensive than the other way.

We spent 1 800 € or 15% of our overall budget for 3 months driving around New Zealand.

The car

The ‘car’ budget includes all the expenses for the vehicle minus the car sale.

Here, we spent 1200 € or 10% of the overall budget.

If we did not have to pay an expensive bill for the car repairs, we would have respected our forecast, which was 700 € of vehicle expenses.

Diving/ Snorkelling

Jérémy dived once on the Tutukaka coast. For the snorkelling, only in free spots. We spent 140 € for one tour with two dives (with a 20% discount).

The other expenses

This includes visits, tours, beers, gifts, postcards, insect repellent, in short everything else.

We spent 4 300 € meaning 35% of the budget for those two months (an average of 35 € per day).

The kiwi journey

And the kiwi chapter comes to its end.

Milford Sound
Milford Sound

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