Phillip Island

On December 12th, we left our Airbnb in Melbourne to go to Phillip Island, the second biggest island in Australia after Tasmania.

The Island was named after Arthur Phillip, the first Governor of New South Wales.

The day following our arrival,be went to the Nobbies Centre, hoping to see the biggest australian sea-lions colony. Sadly, once again you had to pay to go on a boat to be able to see them.

However, we could see Silver Gulls and their recently born chicks, there were thousands of them, it was very cute and amazing to look at.

Then we went to the Swan Lake, where a lot of swans and diverse birds live.

In the evening, we met a very nice australian couple at the campsite, Dearne and John. We talked all the evening. They had a little dog named Kiki, who spent the evening on Lauriane’s knees.

Kiki and Lauriane
Kiki and Lauriane

The next day, we spent our day geocaching (kind of a world treasure hunt). It led us to Phillip Island’s Grand Prix Circuit for exemple and in a cemetary (where when we left, we could see a wallaby just 2 meters away from the car!)

The evening, we went to the ‘Penguin Parade‘. Once again, a natural thing that you have to pay to see it (23,80$ per adult for the cheapest option). If you forget the huge number of tourists and the price, this moment was just magical. To see these little penguins waiting for each other on the beach and going home after their fishing day by hundreds to go to their burrows was a really moving moment.

They were about 4-5 meters from us, a perimeter being made so that us, humans, would not bother them.

While going back to the car park, we were able to see them about 50 cm from us, going back to their burrows along the barriers.

Taking pictures is forbidden even without flash (we were told it was to avoid people who would forgot to deactivate their flash) to avoid frightening little penguins. We managed to take one picture though because a penguin was standing in the sand in daylight before the show started.

Here are some official photos from the site.

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