Stop in Hong Kong

After a 11 hours and 30 minutes flight from Paris to Hong Kong without any success in sleeping, we decided to go see Big Buddha. It was 7 am local time.

We asked to a first person from the airport how to get to it, and she did not really seem like she wanted to help us, she gave us an indication that was wrong. We walked through the airport trying to find how to get to this location.

We finally found someone really helpful, who told us that we could take the S1 bus for 3,50 $HK (0,35€) to the cable car.

After struggling a little bit to find where to take the bus, here we are on the road. The landscape is far from glamorous : constructions sites everywhere, metal structures that we still wonder what they are for, 40-floor buildings…


We arrived at the cable car and had the choice between take it or take the bus to go see Big Buddha. We decided to take the cable car even if it was a little bit (150 $HK per person or 15€). At the departure, someone takes our picture. The journey lasted 25 minutes, it was pleasant. At the arrival, someone showed us our picture and a snow globe with our picture inside (yes obviously a little bit insistent) but we turned down the offer. We walked through Ngong Ping village at the foot of Big Buddha, and noticed with amusement that there was a kebab and a Subway, and arrived to our destination.

Des kebab même en Chine !
Des kebab même en Chine !
Même les endroits spirituels ont le droit à leur Subway !
Même les endroits spirituels ont le droit à leur Subway !

The visit cost 33 $HK per person but our ticket includes two water bottles and two ice creams. It was hot like hell and we wear having trouble climbing up the stairs to Big Buddha. We finally arrived, we sat a little and contemplated the greatness of this statue.



Then, we decided to go back to the village. We saw giant incense sticks (2 meters high, easy!) and a group of monks taking pictures of themselves with their iPad.

Des encens de 2 mètres !!!
Des moines High-Tech !!!

Eventually, we took the cable car to go back. Someone took again our picture in the cabin. When we arrived, someone again offered to buy our picture, and we turned down the offer again. Then, we noticed that the queue to get to Big Buddha by cable car was huge: hundreds of people, while when we took it there was almost nobody and we did not wait at all. It definitely made our day!

Finally, we got back to the airport around 2 pm, where we are waiting for our plane to Cairns, scheduled at 7 pm. It is going to be long. So we decided to have lunch at ‘Le Grand Pokka Café’ restaurant. As we are in China, we might as well taste some dishes… The result was not the one we expected (not good for Jérémy, stomach-ache for Lauriane). Luckily there was Hoegaaden, beer remains the same even in China.


At the time I am writing this article, Jérémy is sleeping. The bright side is that we probably will sleep well during our next 7-hour flight…


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