On March 23rd, we were in Taupo.

Taupo is a living city, with a lot of activities such as skydiving, kayaking, jetboat… It is the Northern little sister of Queenstown.

We did not stay there too long but we wanted to write a quick article to talk to you about two things that we did.

The first, go to McDonald’s. Nothing amazing, you may think… Well yes it is, because the McDonald’s is partly located in… a place! We did not eat in the plane, but here is a picture from the outside.

McDonald's in Taupo
McDonald’s in Taupo

Then, we went to the Spa Thermal Park. Again, hot springs meeting a cold river. Free, and not smelly! There is a lot of people there but the place is so nice that you do not min dit.

While we were here, there was a man with his dog, who seemed to really enjoy the place as well. It was really funny to watch.

This is a place you should definitely visit!

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