Useful links

Specialized websites and/or useful: : To know all about PVT, WHV, VVT and expatriation in general (french).
Kiwipal : New Zealand travel guide, a nice source of information (french).
Frogs-in-NZ : French speaking travel agency in New Zealand (french).
Australia-Australie : Specialized website on Australia, a lot of information (french).

Zipworld : Travel agency with which we took our multi-destinations flight tickets (french).
Dap2Go : Want to go, but not alone? Here you can find co-travellers.
HelpX : Listing of hosts who invite volunteers to work for them 4 hours a day on average in exchange for food and accommodation.
Hostelbookers : Online booking for hostels and hotels. There are often interesting prices. : Online booking for hostels.
Airbnb : Rent appartements or room from local hosts.
Couchsurfing : Stay at local hosts places for free and for short term.
Ambassades et consulats français à l’étranger : French embassies and consulates abroad directory.

Blogs of people we know:

Balade autour du monde : Elodie and Amine’s blog, a couple of french friends in a world around trip for one year from september 2014 (South America, Oceania, Asia, Africa). In French.
Ninos del mundo : Cécile and Julien’s blog, a couple of french friends in New Zealand from september 2014 to february 2015.
Wo in der Welt sind Carl-Philipp und Maria? : Charlie and Maria’s blog, a couple of germans we met in Cairns in Australia, world around trip (Africa, Oceania, South America, North America). In German.

Other blogs we follow:

Instinct Voyageur : Fabrice’s travel blog, independent traveller. In French.
Elisa the best job in the world : Elisa’s blog, who won a Park Ranger job in Queensland (Australia) in 2013. In French.
Petites bulles d’ailleurs : Corinne’s blog,  passionate about diving. In French.
Les Bazos en goguette : travel blog of a french couple, in New Zealand for one year with a WHV, starting March 2015. In French.
La Terre sur son 31 : Nath’s blog, ‘casual traveller’. In French.
Ytravel : an australian couple’s blog, who went on the road for 18 months with their two daughters to visit Australia. In English.