Waitangi and the Waipu Caves

On February 3rd, we went to Waitangi, located in the Bay of Islands.


On February 6th, 1840, the treaty of Waitangi was signed there. New-Zealand became a British colony. It is generally considered as the founding document of the country.

We visited the ‘Waitangi Treaty Grounds’. The entry is 25$ per person, but for backpackers and students it is 15$ (nice surprise!).

February 6th is the kiwi national holiday. Our visit was close to this date, so we were lucky enough to see a show rehearsal.

The ins and outs of the treaty are pretty complex, so we will not give more details and let you search more information by yourselves if it interests you. And also because we are lazy on this one.


Then, we went to Waipu, in order to see the ‘Waipu Caves’, caves that are not equipped at all (so free) where there are supposedly glowworms. The ground being slippery and as we were not equipped properly, we did not go too far. So no glowworms.

We did the ‘Waipu Caves Track’, a 1.5h return walk, hoping that we would see other caves bigger than the first one where there would be glowworms. Well no, it is just a forest walk (worthy of the Lord of the Rings). The walk was nice, but we were disappointed because we did not see any glowworms.

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